Firearms training

Firearms training

Our firearms courses are for those who are looking for serious tactical firearms training. Training programs are based on the latest hostile environment training programs gained from the experiences of various special police & military units.

We can offer you our own training programs or we can customise a program catered to the special needs of our clients. Courses can be delivered for clients on a basic level and/or on a high/advanced level.

We have both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges available for training year round. All ranges are on private property; and depending on the training needs of our clients we have several possibilities from which to choose the most appropriate range. For some advance training we use 2 or 3 ranges during one course.

We rent many different types of hand gun weapons (pistols and revolvers) and semi automatic rifles (AK 7.62mm, 7,9mm sniper rifle…), bolt action rifles, combat shotguns…

We can also organize transport, accommodation and meals in a package that accommodates our client’s needs and budgets.

Check out our videos from our firearms courses.

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